OOTD// the simple white tshirt.

ALOHA FRIENDS!😇 I’m coming at you with a new blogpost to let you know that…SPRING HAS SPRUNG Fresh Flowers, Easter, chocolate, warmer weather (sadly not here in Canada though) but most importantly… SPRING FASHION.🌷 The shoulders can finally be out ladies!( not at school, though I fail to understand that dress code?) Bright colours, flowy […]

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My Makeup Wishlist! PT. 1

Hello Friends! I am currently sitting down, drinking an iced capp (absolute heaven, by the way, thank God for Tims!)  and I just wanted to write something simple and fun. And I figured I’d talk about something that would fit those requirements perfectly…. makeup! I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes/loves makeup, but that love […]

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Skincare Routine

Good Morning Friends! I hope you have a great day or have had a great day depending on when your reading this! So today I’m coming at you with my dah duh duh DAH!!!!🥁✨ MY SKINCARE ROUTINE!🙆🏾💗✨ Now, this is a new skincare routine for me because I just recently started using these products. For a […]

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Exam Season…

Hello Friends! This isn’t really a blogpost, but at the same time it is…. that doesn’t really make sense I know. I understand most of us are going through exams right now, and it can definitely take a toll on you. Trust me, I get it. I currently have 4 exams to study for and […]

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Goal Setting for 2017

As we all know 2017 is fast and approaching, and most of want to start off the New Year fresh, with a blank canvas or a clean slate. I bet you half of us know that one person that always posts ” Leaving all beef and drama in 2016.” Am I right? See, it’s true! The […]

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A Joyous Christmas Night

Hello Friends!🎄🎁💗 I made another ‘short but sweet’ poem to satisfy your craving for the holidays! I think it’s cute, festive and it’s seems like the ideal Christmas night. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, share the holiday joy with friends and family! Anyway, I let you get into the poem now! ❤ […]

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