5 Simple Ways to spice up your Fall…

Hey guys,

So I posted a poem a week or so ago, most of you know.  And I got such great feedback on it! Over 50 views!! So thank you so much 🙂 This post is a little later than I wanted it to be but, I wanted to see how the poem would go…

Okay moving on,

If you’re anything like me and you absolutely adore autumn you should keep on reading for a few tips to make your fall truly wonderful.

5 simple ways to spice up your Fall….

  1. Get Together with Friends.
    This is the season for finding new little cafes, and different types of lattes. Whatever you decide, just get together with some friends and just relax, eat and talk.
  2. Simply Explore.
    Go on a bike ride, take a different trail.Go for a walk,anything just find someplace new.
  3. Treat Yourself.
    This time of year it is really easy to get stressed out, especially for us students. So treat yourself! Been wanting to get your nails done? Totally do it. Reward yourself every once and a while, it’ll help trust me.
  4. Make a Fall Playlist.
    Playlists are great anytime of year, they get you into to the mood to welcome in a new season. Artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been in this fall.
  5. DIY Room Decor.
    From pumpkins to garlands,room decor is easy and pretty inexpensive to make. There are so many tutorial on Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram. It’s hard not find anything that you like. I, personally turn to Youtube for inspiration.

Hopefully, this will make your fall a little more exciting this year. And if you haven’t already check out my poem, if you want 😉

signing off. xxx

Unless consent is given by I,  Janeve Edwards, this blog post, or ANYTHING from it is not permitted for any sort of uses.


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