So recently I’ve been getting such good feedback on my blog. Especially my fall poem, “Hello Fall” …… If you haven’t already, maybe check it out? 😉

“Hello Fall” – https://jxneve.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/a-crisp-breeze/

And while your at it take a look at my more recent post.

5 simple ways to spice up your fall – https://wordpress.com/post/97801367/58/

Okay today we are talking….  YOUTUBE. I love Youtube and it’s been a big part of my life. From Tips and Tricks, to Cooking.

But,over the years my video preference has somewhat changed.


WAIT. Before I start may I just say;
a) This post will probably be really long, so a second half will be coming soon.
b) I REALLY JUST WANT TO SAY, this is NO way, shape or form in order of my favourites. I love all the vloggers equally ❤ (they are all so lovely!)

  1. Gabriella Lindley
    Gabby is so funny and great to watch. She just lifts my spirits, and seems so genuine.  I would absolutely love to meet her one day. And Nellie (her cat) is so cute!
    Gabriella Lindley
  2. Aspyn + Parker
    If you haven’t heard about this power couple, you must be living under a rock!! These two, who were recently married, are such aN interesting and lively bunch. I love em’.
    Aspyn and Parker
  3. Remi Cruz (RemLife)
    Remi just brightens up my day she’s REALLY funny too. Her family and friends are so cute. And overall she’s just a great youtuber.
    Remi Cruz
  4. Zoe Sugg (MoreZoella)
    I absolutely love Zoe from her rose gold obsession to her cooking videos. She seems so kind and is someone that will always make you smile.
    Zoe Sugg

And that is my 1st half of this post. I hope at least 1-2 people start to watch at least 1 of these lovely people because as I said and hopefully proved they are wonderful vloggers.

signing off. xxx

Unless consent is given by I,  Janeve Edwards, this blog post, or ANYTHING from it is not permitted for any sort of uses.



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