A post about God…

Hi Everyone,

Out of the few posts I have, I realized I haven’t talked about my religion. My Christianity.

I made the title very blunt so that everyone who doesn’t have the same religion, or doesn’t support it, doesn’t have to read it. Because I really wouldn’t want someone to comment saying I’m wrong or trying to prove to me that God is not real.

THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE. You have something rude and uneccesary to say about it? Save it. I’m not going to change my faith because of some ignorant comment.

And in no way am I a expert on Christianity and God, this is all from experience, passion and exploration.Just my simple opinions.

Now that it’s out there, let’s move on.

I don’t really know what I want to say. God is just my everything. Some people may say they’re believers, that they’re a Christian, a lover of Christ. But to me, unless you’re committed then you aren’t fully connected to God.

When your bond with God is truly there, it feels amazing. It’s always reassuring, that he’s leading you in the right path.

In some situation’s I sit down and think to myself, “What is God trying to do here? Why has he put me in this position?” and often enough “Why me?” Sometimes in life… this is going to sound so cheesy, sorry about that 😛 the path ahead of us isn’t clear, we can’t see the big picture. And that’s okay! I personally think that God is simply trying to make us stronger,  for if we were able to see the future ahead of us we might get so confused or frightened that we would hold ourselves back. And not, so much as attempt what God knows we can do.2550a86d12ab59c7f168b5fe31116940


He chose you for your life. He specifically picked you to lead in this era, this time, this place. So no matter how hard it may be, try to find peace and comfort in every situation. For God is always with you and he knows what you can accomplish. Work hard, try your best, pray and God will help carry your burdens.

There are going to be bumps along this ride, and there will always be dumb and irrelevant people trying to to stop you or ruin your plan. But, know GOD IS WITH YOU ALWAYS. People who speak bad about you or harm you GOD WILL HANDLE. As such as you want to give the person a taste of their own medicine. GOD WILL DEAL WITH IT. So calm down, try your best (this part is hard especially when you’re angry) count to ten, and remember God’s got your back!!ffa93efb55636693df0cc05aa10ef4b5

Okay hopefully this helped someone maybe? I don’t know. Maybe this inspired someone. Or just motivated them 🙂

signing off xxx.

P.S. #prayforparis 😦 that is such a horrible thing that has happened.

Unless consent is given by I,  Janeve Edwards, this blog post, or ANYTHING from it is not permitted for any sort of uses.


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