The Joy of Christmas// POEM

Hot chocolate in hand.
By the fire we stand.
Cuddling to keep ourselves warm.

With the outside winters so chilly.
And the kids running around being silly.
The Joy of Christmas in the air.

Everyone picks their own decoration for the tree.
We are all filled with glee.
Smiling from ear to ear.

The sweet aroma of pies fills the room.
Children dancing to some Christmas tunes.
Stockings are strung neatly above the chimney.
One for you, and One for me.

Ol’ St. Nic is passing by
Smiling with his reindeer through the sky.
“Ho Ho Ho” he shouts chuckling with joy.
On his way to give out presents,
to each girl and boy.

Hiya!! I just wanted to ease into the Festivities with this cute little poem I made. Throughout the month of December this blog will be filled with Christmas coziness!

I love Christmas it’s my favourite holiday, to be honest.

Oh! You should leave a comment telling if you liked it? Yeah, please do that. Thanks in advance 😉
Or Comment about what you love to do winter that’s fun. ❤

signing off xxx.

Unless consent is given by I,  Janeve Edwards, this blog post, or ANYTHING from it is not permitted for any sort of uses.


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