Hello all,

Tis’ the season to be cute and festive! To all the girls out there, there probably are at least a few of us that just want to cuddle up and watch Christmas movies with hot chocolate in hand, in sweats with our hair up. I don’t know about you but that sound perfect right now!😍

But, obviously, life continuously moves along. 😡 And unless you have a pretty free schedule (unlike me 😦 ). This kind of treat doesn’t happen very often.

SO when that kind of day does come around you will be prepared. Thanks to ya girl right here. *bows, and does a round of applause* Here are some of my ‘Favorite Christmas Movies’ that help me get into the festive

  1. Elf.
    elf-2003-poster-artwork-will-ferrell-amy-sedaris-zooey-deschanel-smallElf is hilarious, and Will Ferrell acts the role perfectly! Plus, it’s an all time favorite.
  2. Four Christmases.
    For me, this movie is a staple! But, it’s so underrated. It’s hilarious and cozy. And perfect for a relaxing happy day.Four_Christmases-Movie_Poster51-CU01Fp4L._SX940_
  3. Love Actually
    Now, I haven’t actually watched the full movie. But, from what I can tell it’s really nice. And it’s gotten such good feedback, so here’s a cute movie.


There you have it! Three awesome Christmas movies to get you feeling cozy and festive on a relaxing day in December ❤

signing off xxx.

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