Skin Beaten// BHM poem

Hello all,

This is a very important and special post. Today marks the last day of Black History Month, yes yes, I know it will come around again but BHM seems so…. I don’t know how to describe it.  Personally, I think it almost goes.. unnoticed. THAT IS TOTALLY NOT THE WORD I WANT TO USE, but I don’t know how to put it. Some people give it recognition but still, it’s like a shrug of the shoulder. I’ve been observing how my peers and people around me react, show respect or even just some gratitude or interest. And I’ve seen little to nothing. This has brought almost like a sadness and bother to me  as the days went by. I’m not trying to sound depressing because I’m not. I’m just shocked and repulsed.But, people make mistakes there’s nothing I can do except try. Try my best to incorperate a passion in a way that people can see. Without some of the things that happened in Black history, I, and many others couldn’t do some things today, that we find normal. I thank God for even the small privileges. And I’m not asking for your pity, just respect. So, to honour the fallen, the heartbroken, and the ones who made a small or big change in our world.
I made this poem.


See me, I have survival instinct
Born with determination, comprehension and intelligence
I moved with resilience,
Pressing through adversity, misfortune and affliction
As I remember those gone before
Those roped for the cause
Their skins beaten, their hearts shattered
Yet they were determined, because they knew what mattered
What I have today, what we, have today
We share and appreciate, saying thanks to those who fought, for those who died
So I could have the freedom, you could have the freedom
Freedom to express, freedom to excel, freedom to feel accepted
My skin, your skin, their skin shouldn’t matter.

Through the trials and tribulations, through decades and decades, that has changed.

From Martin Luther King Jr to Maya Angelou to Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks plus, many more that stereotype has been broken. That weight is gone.
People are being treated equally, love is being shared around the world.

I am proud to have my part in black history month.
I am proud of my heritage.
I am proud of black history.
I am proud of the victory and overcome of the fighting and the war.

Most of all, I am proud to be black.

Unless consent is given by I,  Janeve Edwards, this blog post, or ANYTHING from it is not permitted for any sort of use.


3 thoughts on “Skin Beaten// BHM poem

  1. Aww that’s so sweet! I also feel Black History Month goes unnoticed. I mean, these people stood up for what they passionately believed in and our world wouldn’t be the same without them! You poem is beautiful dear. I love it❤️

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