Skincare Routine

Good Morning Friends! I hope you have a great day or have had a great day depending on when your reading this!

So today I’m coming at you with my dah duh duh DAH!!!!🥁✨


Now, this is a new skincare routine for me because I just recently started using these products. For a while, all I would use is a cleanser, which is all I had on hand. And I think it’s perfectly fine! You gotta work with what you got until you can upgrade, am I right?

So after exams, I decided enough was enough and that I should treat myself. So I updated my skincare products in hope to clear my skin.
And I don’t know about you but I’m always on the hunt for products that are affordable 💵(because let’s be real, money doesn’t grow on trees, especially for a high school student!) and also products that ACTUALLY WORK!
And these products satisfy those requirements!

Let’s get into it!💗

First, I have to take off any makeup that I had on that day. I use the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water which takes off EVERYTHING.DSC00376.JPG Brows, Mascara, lips, foundation you name it. I pour some onto a cotton round and take off my makeup. Occasionally, I would wipe my face again to make sure I get off most of it, but I’m usually good with one.

Honestly, so far I’m really enjoying this product. This is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, the scrub helps to get rid of any left over makeup on my face while exfoliating my skin at the same time. dsc00374I massage this into my skin, avoiding my eyes because it has exfoliating beads in it, and I don’t think that would be a fun experience. After I used this for the very first time, my skin was a smooth as a baby’s bottom, I was shook.

This scrub is helping to smooth out my skin but also controls all my breakouts! Which makes me a happy gal!! ☺️

The third step in my skincare routine is a toner? To be honest, I’m not actually sure if it is. But we can call it that I guess? Anyway, this is the Equate Deep Cleaning Astringent and it cleanses your skin while preventing pimples with salicylic acid. dsc00369Don’t be skeptical, salicylic acid is known for its breakout fighting properties!

The only thing I would warn people about is dryness, for me, this product is nowhere near drying because I have oily skin. But if you have dry skin, be more careful using this because of the salicylic acid it contains! And that’s why I use a moisturizer right after!

I use the St. Ives Collagen Moisturizer, and on the bottle it says that it ‘visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles’ which isn’t what I bought it for (let’s be real, I just grabbed something because I didn’t want my parents to leave lol) I just needed a moisturizer. dsc00373I like this moisturizer due to the following reasons; it isn’t oily, heavy and doesn’t leave your skin feeling gross. It soaks into the skin easily and almost seems to mattify your face, which I’m happy with because, like I said, my skin is on the oilier side.

Okay, everyone! That’s my post for the day, I hope you enjoyed this insight into my skincare routine and maybe it help you find some more affordable skincare goodies!

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Remember to be humble & kind + love yourself!
Bye friends!
JXNEVE signing off xxx

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