Travel Essentials!

Bonjour Friends!

Over the past few months I’ve been on 2 trips for a good amount of time(which I am beyond grateful for because this never happens), and before each trip I found myself watching videos and reading about traveling!

So I’ve decided to compile my own list of Travel Essentials, that will hopefully help you in the near future! I tried to make the list a little more interesting for you with some graphics 🙂 Comment down below and tell me how you like it!

And really quickly I would just like to say…. THANK GOD EXAMS/SCHOOL IS OVER! Now we can all finally relax and go out with friends! I hope you guys get to travel and have a lit summer! (LOL that looks so weird typed out)

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Make sure you bring over the ear headphones, if not you’re basically going to be listening to the engine of the plane.comfi

Stay comfy when travelling because you never know what could happen, there could be a delay. And bring a sweater just in case because airports and planes tend to get chilly.


You don’t want to be sitting on the plane doing nothing! Before your trip, make a playlist, and find some songs to get you pumped up! And maybe even download a show or two to keep you entertained.

SUNYou’ll need a good pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from those bright rays. Whether your destination is tropical or not, these are a staple.DOC

This is super basic, but be sure to have everything you need handy, passports, boarding passes and all!


If you stayed up all night packing or reading my blog posts ;), you probably want to catch some z’s on the flight. Bring a neck pillow when you travel to keep you comfortable. Neck scarves (I meant blanket scarves in the picture, sorry!)  are also great because you can fold them up to create a makeshift pillow, or us it was a blanket!


Who doesn’t love food? On the flight or even in the airport, you’re bound to get hungry, pack some snacks to keep you munchin’.

Untitled (2)

Now you have time to kill, bring a book to help pass the time and take a break from the tech.

Untitled (3)

It’s very important that you stay hydrated, be sure to buy some water or bring a water bottle with you!

Travelling is such a fun experience and I hope everyone gets to experience it at least once! Even if it’s a road trip with your pals, there’s something about getting packed and hitting the road that makes it all so exciting.

Have a good summer guys, be sure to stay safe and stay updated with my posts! 😉 I’m kidding!!!! Or am I?


As always remember to…
Stay humble+be kind!💗

JXNEVE signing off xxx

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